We are all about subtle project names here at BonusXP.

Technically, the project is actually codenamed Freedom2 because John and I effed up something in Git with the first repo we made. We changed some stuff and tested it as Freedom2. The changes worked. Therefore, each morning, I pull down the latest version of Freedom2 on the various iDevices in my house.

So, what is Project Freedom? Unfortunately, we’re aren’t quite ready to talk too much about it yet. At this point, let’s call it an ‘Action Game’. We will be announcing it in detail later this summer. For this week, a bit of fuzzed-out concept art will have to suffice. We’ll put up some more stuff next week. Maybe with less fuzz, maybe not.

Oh, all that said, if you are in Seattle for Casual Connect next week, we will be doing some demos for a few Kind Folks. Hit us up on Twitter or something. Note, most ‘Kind Folks’ bring the beer.