Hello there and welcome to the BonusXP website.  Exciting times!  John, Jason, and I have taken the plunge and started our own game studio. Woohoo!

Our mission is to build a tight team and focus on crafting highly polished mobile games with the trademark deep replay value that we’ve always put into our creations. If you’re a total nerd (not that there’s anything wrong with that), you can probably figure out the connection between our goal and our “BonusXP” name.

We three co-founders have worked together for quite a long time. We met back at Ensemble Studios and always had a blast on our projects there. We shipped Age3 and Halo Wars together, not to mention several crazy good prototypes that never quite saw the light of day. Someday ‘Project Nova’ will get made, someday…

Talking about how the three of us met, I’m reminded of the the day John first came by the Ensemble office. He was a longtime family friend of the Goodmans (Ensemble Studios’ founders, Tony and Rick). He was in town to visit but was also interviewing around Dallas. Ensemble was officially out of ‘More Programmer Money’ at the time, so I wasn’t supposed to interview him. I did anyway. About 5 minutes into our chat, I excused myself and told TG and Rick that they were ‘$*&@ing idiots’ if we didn’t hire John. You can figure out the rest.

By the time we hired Jason at Ensemble, I think I was past the “I’ll quit if we don’t hire this guy” phase. Though, truth be told, I probably still used the f-word in some way regarding how much I thought we should hire Jason.

I do tend to blather on, so I’ll stop for now. But, I will thank you for making it this far into our less-is-more website. As you might imagine, we’re all just a bit busy on the actual games;)

We will be announcing our first game later this summer, so check back often. Or, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a great place to work, we are hiring.