DALLAS – October 29, 2012 – BonusXP, a studio focused on the development of mobile games, today announced that its first title, Monster Crew™, an endless platformer that combines the exhilaration of platformers and infinite runners with the joy of smashing everything in sight, will be available this Thursday, November 1st! Featuring stunning graphics and collectible in-game cards that power-up your play as you progress through the game, Monster Crew has an exciting storyline and infinite replayability. Monster Crew will be available in the Apple AppStore for free and will bring gamers a fast-paced action experience that is fun for all ages.

“Monster Crew will keep fans of both platformers and endless runners up past their bedtimes,” said Dave Pottinger, BonusXP’s CEO. “You’ll have a blast smashing everything in sight as you solve mysteries and plan for your next awesome upgrade. This Thursday, everyone with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch will be able to pick up the game for free.”  …full press release.