Do you have some Coin or Monster Tokens burning a hole in your pocket? I made out like a bandit during Tapjoy’s Bonus Sale on New Years, so I have had some Monster Tokens to experiment with.  I Am The Bomb is a pretty great Bonus Card that is worth a look.  It was a new addition to the game in our 1.1 update back in December, which lets you drop the screen exploding Bomb more frequently.

Who doesn’t like to drop a bomb every now and then? POWER YOUR BOMBS 10% FASTER

  • Cost: 60,000 Coins
  • Upgrade: 25% Faster Bombs
  • Upgrade2:  50% Faster Bombs

This Bonus Card and it’s upgrades are expensive enough to where it obviously isn’t going to be the first or second card that you’re going to be looking to pick up, but the Bomb can be a life saver.  Being able to blow up an entire screen full of enemies when the going gets tough is huge, and being about to do that up to 50% more often is awesome.  If you have the Coins to spare, look at picking up I Am The Bomb and don’t be afraid to drop it.