Cavemania is all decked out for the holidays! To celebrate and spread some good cheer we are giving away a bunch of prize packs in our Cavemania Holiday Giveaway. You can enter to win here on our Cavemania Facebook page, and double your chances of winning something by entering here on Touch Arcade as well.

There are twelve prize packs in total to be won, divided evenly, six from our Facebook giveaway and another six from our Touch Arcade forum giveaway. Here are the details on the prize packs:

2 X Ultimate Prize Pack – 200,000 Gold, Bonus Crystal Upgrade (Start every level with a Power Crystal charged and ready to go!), 2 Meteor Showers, 4 Mega Heals, 4 Crystal Caches

10 X Holiday Cheer Prize Pack – 90,000 Gold, 2 Meteor Showers, 2 Mega Heals, 2 Crystal Caches

Good luck everyone and Happy holidays from the Cavemania team!