There are two different updates for Cavemania in development right now, here’s a quick update on what’s coming the tribe’s way. The first update will add a major new feature to the game called Perks, which help your tribe and add a new level of strategy to the game. Here’s how they work.

When you start a level you will have four different bonuses to choose from, these are Perks. You need to decide which of the four Perks you want to use for the level. They’re all pretty awesome, so you will have some decisions to make based on the kind of level you’re playing.

The Perks

Cornucopia: Start the level with a basket of resources, giving you a head start on your first unit, building, or objective. A Prize Box appears at the start of the game which you tap to open, receiving seven Food, Wood, and Stone to use right away. Perfect for those levels where you need a quick start!

Hunter Gatherer: Get extra Resources from special Matches – the Perk adds special tiles to levels that give you more resources. A match three that gives you five resources, or a match four that gives you ten? Oh hecks yeah! Great for levels with those big gather objectives.

Fang: The Chieftain’s pet T-Rex joins the fight. Don’t let those little puppy dog eyes fool you…he’s a big bad baby T-Rex. Fang appears next to the Chieftain, ready to fight. He moves and attacks like any other member of the tribe and even has a special power called Chomp that does extra damage. If it’s a fight you’re expecting, Fang can help absorb a lot of damage and even dish it out. (The Chieftain cries if you let Fang get eaten, so don’t make the Chieftain cry)

Dino-Might!: Basic Attacks deal extra Damage. This Perk effects ALL members of the tribe, increasing the damage done by all of their regular attacks. This is the choice for any Chieftain looking to involve the whole tribe in a big Dino bashing brawl.

Which Perk do you want for that tough level where you’re fighting Mammoths early on? Maybe Fang, or Dino-Might! Or Cornucopia so you can make a Archer or Healer to help out the Chieftain quicker. We’ve been playtesting with Perks since December and they’re a lot of fun. Stay tuned for their addition to Cavemania in our next update.

What’s the second update that we’re working on? Episode Nine of course, containing new Cavemania levels, more on that later.