Coming Soon

If you tuned in to Dave Pottinger’s Ask Me Anything from awhile back, or have been keeping up with us on Facebook or Twitter, you have probably already picked up a few details on one of our new projects. Yes, we are working on a real-time strategy game for mobile devices. The game is fairly far along and has been playable for many months. It’s been a blast iterating the design and solving the challenges of bringing RTS to mobile. We will share more specific information and details once it’s closer to completion…and has a real title.

Coming Soon-ish…

We’ve also recently started work on another new project. It’s still in the early prototype stages of development, so we’ve just got a small team on it at the moment. But, if you’ve seen our jobs page lately, we’re looking to hire a few folks to work on this one. I’m told it has mechanized destruction and explosions, which sounds like a good start for something fun. We will be at GDC next week, so hit us up if you’re interested in finding out a little more about this project.