By Mike Petersen

The people here at BonusXP like games, obviously. We play many types of games on many different platforms: mobile, console, PC, and tabletop. Yes, even good old fashioned board games. Many video games use mechanics from traditional tabletop games so it helps to play many types of games to get inspiration, and it’s also a good way to have some fun and get to know people.

gamesWe have a collection of games to play as you can see in the photo. The selection of games changes here and there as people bring in new games or some are taken home to play with family and friends.

Generally we play on Thursday nights with the occasional change when we have people in from out of town. Usually we try to play a game with a job candidate to see how we all interact with each other – which can be very insightful.

The number of people staying to play on Game Night helps determine what game we play. There are some 4 player games that I have yet to try, as we usually end up having 5 or 6 players – not quite enough to break into two groups. There are other times when we have enough people playing for two or more large games going on.

I had to add the following picture of one of my rare victories. Not sure if it is obvious from the photo, but the game ended with a four point difference from first to last place, which is pretty amazing in Lords of Waterdeep.


Sometimes we get pretty competitive in closely fought games and some people can get angry, but it’s never really serious and no one has been hurt… yet. There are a few cooperative games that we play as well, but the cooperative games we have tend to be for smaller groups. We are not opposed to breaking the rules though, we have played Dominion with 10 people (recommended max is 4).

We play for many reasons, but most of all we are trying to have fun and hang out with the awesome group of people we have here at BonusXP.