By Graham Somers  

castlelevel8_region2The Incorruptibles: Knights of the Realm was updated this week, allowing players to unlock a new region of the world to liberate from the clutches of The Corrupted. The update also allows players to take their resource buildings, battleground defenses, and heroes to new higher levels! No doubt some of you have already reached Castle Level 8, but for those of you who may not get there for a little while here’s a quick look at what you can expect from the two new town missions in the new region:

Gordenberg Gate – two Corrupted forces are merging to throw back the Realm’s advance. Their meeting place is a grand gate from which Corrupted attackers will flow if they aren’t destroyed. You must destroy two enemy Spires in order to put an end to this Corrupted threat, two Spires from which enemy heroes will be coming at you.

Tip: Be careful about getting drawn to the easy Mercenaries and Houses north of your starting area. The resources they will give you are great, but keep an eye on your Keep.

Cragmire – this is a town torn apart by a Corrupted invasion going on as the game begins. It’s a lost cause for the Realm though, the Corrupted are about to finish their work converting the town to their side. There is no choice but to destroy every trace of the enemy here, buildings and units, including parts of the town they control. You must do it before time runs out and they finish converting the entire town to their cause.

Tip: EVERYTHING must go, but watch the clock on this one! It’s easy to run out of time while you’re chasing down the last building or Corrupted unit.

There is also a new level that continues the game’s story in this region – we hope you enjoy it.