By Graham Somers  

Your whole Guild could earn Gems each season!

If you’re a newer player of The Incorruptibles, or if you’ve been focused on your own journey in the game playing the single player content, you may not be familiar with all of the benefits of joining a Guild.


When you join a Guild, the medals that you earn from PVP matches don’t just count towards your total, they are pooled together with the medals earned by your Guild mates. This total for your Guild gives you a ranking that can earn you some big rewards at the end of the season, including Gems!


guilds004The Guild Island has a number of buildings that give your Battleground buildings and your Heroes bonuses to things like damage and hitpoints. Fully upgraded, these buildings can noticeably increase the effectiveness of your defenses and your Heroes alike. Additionally the island is home to upgrades that give you bonus Food, Wood, and Stone at the start of levels, which is hugely helpful, and an assortment of Potions which give everyone in your Guild a bonus!


Find a Guild! Start a Guild!

You can apply to join an existing Guild or start your own if you want to lead from the front. There are usually Guilds looking for members advertising in Global Chat, so keep an eye out there or apply to join one of the top Guilds on the leaderboard, maybe they have room for you.

Global Chat - a good place to find a Guild, or tell everyone how you feel.

Global Chat – a good place to find a Guild, or tell everyone how you feel.