By Drew Walton  

allthegamesI recently moved down to Texas from North Carolina. It was a big move in my life and career, leaving friends and communities to move down to the Lone Star state to take on animating at BonusXP. As you can see from my living room photo, board games take up a lot of packing space as it is a big passion of mine.

As I unpacked my board games one game in my collection stood out as a classic. One I associate with lots of good memories and really got me into board gaming as a hobby, Battlestar Galactica the board game.

Back when the game was released it was very popular, and made good use of the BSG license to create a game that matched the tone of the show so well. One aspect of this game that really appealed to me was the betrayer mechanic. Just like the show some players could be Cylons secretly working against the human players. The idea of never knowing who to trust made games very tense and created long arguments debating each other’s actions. Suspicious acts could get you sent to the brig, or worse, out an airlock. Being a Cylon was very much a guilty pleasure. Trying to manipulate humanity’s downfall undetected was thrilling!

bsgI instinctively bought every expansion as they were released. Each one adding new features and mechanics making the game fresh again and reviving our weekly BSG game nights.

Nowadays there are more streamlined board game alternatives with the same semi-cooperative theme and tone and require less time. Even with these alternatives BSG the board game is something every board gamer should experience especially if a fan of the show. I still regard this game as one of my all time favorite board games!

Over time, friends have moved away and other board games began to monopolized game nights, and BSG the board game began collecting dust on my shelf. While it isn’t played anymore, I certainly appreciate all the good memories it created and how it sparked a love for board games that continues today.


Even today few games are able to create that satisfying feel of sending a friend out an airlock.