By Marc Hanson  

I recently went on a trip to the family farm in southern Ohio. Hiking, hunting, fishing, driving ATVs, and no technology for the most part. I use technology on a daily basis, but getting away from it for a few days is a great way to recharge your batteries.

While hiking around in nature, or just sitting (very still) and observing, you see a lot of creatures you would not otherwise see. I observed a Cooper’s Hawk dive down from the sky right in front of me and splash into a pool of the creek I was sitting next to. Probably fresh from a meal of field mouse, the bird splashed around wildly in the water for 20 minutes, getting every feather clean. It then flew up into a tree right next to where I was a fluffed out its feathers for a good while before flying back to its nest (or to look for its next meal.)

After the flying predator left the area, it came alive with rodent life. Chipmunks, squirrels, mice, and so on all came out of their trees or tunnels and hopped around looking for nuts and seeds, during their respite from death from above. I walked to the top of a hill in the woods where we have a feeder for attracting wildlife and a camera set up, and downloaded some pictures to my laptop. A flock of turkeys had just been in the area. They moved through undetected, just a hundred yards from where I had been sitting observing the hawk earlier in the day, eating up the corn and acorns from the nearby trees, and moving on to the neighboring farm’s pasture just on the other side of the hill before I arrived.

It was a great trip to get refocused for some hard work ahead here at BonusXP.