By Drew Walton  

Growing up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I loved drawing and video games. I was one of the few children in my neighborhood lucky enough to have a Nintendo Entertainment System™ and often found myself totally engrossed in new characters and environments for hours on end. The inspiration continued long after the game was turned off as I found myself drawing the adventures I was having in games.

This past Christmas, my uncle gifted me a comic I had drawn when I was 8 years old, inspired by one of my favorite video games at the time- MEGA MAN!

As you can see from the cover, this is going to be an action packed adventure! And at the bargain price of only 5 cents!


On the first page, before Mega Man begins his journey, there is foreshadowing of the existence of MEGA MAN 2 and 3. Hinting at comics yet to come!


On the second page we see Mega Man fighting (and defeating) his foe Elec Man in what is an expertly drawn, near picture perfect representation of his arena*.

*unbiased opinion


Then Mega Man moves through Dr. Wily’s Castle where he encounters the Yellow Devil Boss, as seen in the bottom panel. The Yellow Devil is sweating as his life bar is depleting quickly.


With a flurry of ZAPS!, Mega Man destroys Dr Wily’s fortress who then finds himself grovelling in defeat before Mega Man.


And lastly completing this epic, on the final page you will find the best order in which to defeat the robot masters. The audience is not only getting an exciting story but also some pro-tips on how to complete Mega Man!


In hindsight, it is clear my boyhood love of video games would later become the inspiration for me to pursue animation and develop my artistic side even further. I am sure 8 year old Drew would be very pleased to know that his passion for gaming turned into a career he loves! ZAP!