By Clare Hallock  

nature_post001Some of our recent posts have been about cooking, and I found them rather inspiring. I decided that this year, I was going to grow some of my own food. Not much, mind you, but a few herbs and maybe some tomatoes; enough to be fun without becoming a second job to maintain.

I went out and bought all the supplies I’d need, picked out some herbs, a couple of vegetables, nothing too exciting. I took them home, planted them all, and went on vacation! Yeah!

Upon my return, the poor plants were parched. I grabbed my garden hose and started apologizing for my absence with a hefty dose of water. When I got to my hanging rosemary plant, I noticed something a little peculiar was going on in this pot.

nature_post002I had a new roommate! What on earth could a dove want with my rosemary plant? Was she hungry? Bored? A freeloader? Nope! Turns out, she’d built a nest in there, and laid a couple of eggs! Where was I supposed to get rosemary now?

I did some research and found out that my new friend is a mourning dove. Mourning doves usually lay two eggs, which hatch into babies in about two weeks. Now, all I had to do was watch and wait a couple of weeks, and I’d have even more roommates!

nature_post003Well, two weeks came, and went. My bird friend was ever vigilant, leaving the nest only when I got too close. She eventually got so used to me that she wouldn’t leave the plant when I watered it. I really hoped that I hadn’t harmed the eggs while trying to water the plant, that would have been most unfortunate.

This past Saturday, I was prepping for an entirely different blog post, when I noticed that my cats were staring very intently at the nest. I went over and took a closer look, and saw that my bird friend was gone, and in its place was something else! I grabbed my phone and wandered outside. Sure enough, my bird friend was standing in my yard, peering at me with her beady little eye. Had something happened? Had some villain stolen her nest?

I made my way slowly and quietly to the nest, where I saw two fluffy little imposters sitting in the nest where my friend had made her home. The eggs had hatched after all, and my bird friend has two healthy looking, super fluffy babies!

Nature is pretty awesome.