By Graham Somers  

I rock out to a whole mess of tunes while I’m working. It’s been that way for the last fifteen years. At my office at Ensemble Studios, Ben “SOLUS” Donges and I took turns as the DJ for the day, providing the tunes – because if we wore headphones we had to take them off and put them back on 100 times a day to talk to each other and co-workers.

Since my daughter Layla was born, and I started working at home, I wear headphones but only with one ear covered so I can hear if my daughter is crying or misbehaving.

jambandit2Fairly early on in Layla’s life I found a few music related apps that helped me share my love of music with her. JamBandit has turned out to be the winner of the bunch that I found, providing background music for you to lay down a “sweet” solo over. We started playing around with it when Layla was maybe 8 or 10 months old – when it was less about the music and more about the cool colors and trails that moving your fingers around on the tablet made. Now that Layla is almost three years old, it’s become about taking turns with me laying down a crazy riff.

So if you’re looking for something that can hold your child’s attention for a few minutes, and is a little musical, JamBandit is worth a look.

There’s a boatload of other apps out there for kids, if you have any recommendations for a soon to be three year old, I’m all ears.