By Nick Resa  

Day in the life of Nick Resa (Artist @ BonusXP) – June 8, 2017

There is a little variance but this is usually how my weekday goes. I find I do best with a lot of structure, otherwise when I “wing it” I’m all over the place wasting time, not being as productive as I should be, or doing things I shouldn’t be doing (eating doughnuts, skipping the gym, not working on my personal project).


5:00a – Wake up, let dogs out for their morning constitutional, take pre-workout small meal, usually banana or oatmeal.
5:45 – Gym time (Heavy leg day!!!)
7:00 – Back at home, protein shake, feed pack of crazed dogs then off to the dog park or 1 – 2 mile walk in the neighborhood park.
8:00’ish – Back home again, quick shower. Food/recovery till 9:30. Sometimes I go to work really early.
10:00 – In to work
10:05 – Fight off urge to eat a box of doughnuts dropped of by the doughnut fairy
10:06 – ART. IT. UP!!! *Lucio voice*
12:30p – Lunch with Andrea, Austin, William, Carlos then group conversation about movies with horribly loose plots in this case, Looper (Bruce Willis)
    – William hates scary movies
    – Andrea has seen Crimson Peak more than once & will vehemently defend the new Wonder Woman movie
    – Austin unsuccessfully tried watching Human Centipede
    – I proved William wrong… William has in fact watched a whole movie with the Rock in it (Doom)
2:00 – Bi-weekly team meeting, yay I finished a Hero Academy 2 Hero!
3:00 – Art stuff
3:30 – Monthly Birthday party! Caved in, had half of a snow cone. Jungle berry?
3:40 – Art stuff
4:30 – Moarrrr food – today was yogurt and salad, yay :/
4:45 – Continue making art stuffs
6:30 – Protein bar, I like to eat a small snack before I leave work, helps me fight off Chick-fil-a and the like on the way home.
6:35 – Continue making art stuffs
7:00 – Leave work
7:15 – Arrive home, RELEASE THE HOUNDS!! (into back yard) then feed said beasts.
7:30 – Food then work on super secret project till 10ish
10:30 – Protein shake then bed, read (The foundation) till sleepy.
Rinse then repeat 🙂