By Andrea Werntz  

This week’s blog post will be short and sweet but, AWESOME because I just bought my first house!!!!! YAYY!

My husband and I had been looking for a house for about a year. It first started as a “let’s see what’s out there” kind of situation and it later evolved into finding a realtor and going out every weekend to look at TONS of homes, that I would immediately say no to as soon as we stepped in. Needless to say I was extra picky. I was buying our dream home right? Everything had to be perfect. After countless viewings, driving around the entire metroplex, getting into fights about budget, realistic expectations, small or large backyards, and getting into bidding wars with other potential buyers, We finally found it.

Sitting right there in the heart of Dallas, the cutest most beautiful little blue house with white trim, nestled in between tons of huge pecan trees is our 100 year old craftsman style home. This little gem hit the market on a Friday morning and by evening we had already seen it, fallen in love and bid on it. After waiting impatiently until the next Monday morning, when all bids were in, best and highest would be the winner. (In the Dallas area, bidding on a house has become about how much more can you bid over asking price.)

Monday at 12:10pm I got the call, it was ours. WE GOT THE HOUSE! We closed on it in a record braking 3 weeks, and after getting the keys my life has revolved around packing, moving, scrubbing Cinderella style every corner of the house, visiting home depot on a daily basis, painting walls, ceilings, installing light fixtures, and decorating. No time for anything else. Luckily the excitement hasn’t worn off, and even though I am sore and tired, I couldn’t be happier. Our dogs on the other hand, spend all their time peeing on the kitchen floors, but hey what else is new. I guess having a giant backyard is not enough for them.

I will share some of the pics from the listing, and hopefully next time I will share some of the awesome changes we have made.