By Graham Somers  

We had to change the way we playtested when we started making Stranger Things: The Game. Our process for making games at BonusXP is VERY collaborative. Everyone in our company gets credited as a designer on our games because even though you’re an artist or programmer and not a game designer by title, you’re involved in the design process. A huge part of that design process is playtesting. We playtest our games in a big room together and call out feedback and ideas as we play. Then we make changes to improve the game and playtest again.

As you can imagine, we couldn’t do this for STTG because some players simply got to puzzles and boss fights before others and could reveal spoilers to the group. We had to take the game home and keep notes as we played on what was fun, what wasn’t fun, if we got stuck, and ideas for improvements. This was less efficient but necessary to preserve the experience of playing through the game and the validity of the feedback given.

We recently had a big playtest session, alone and in our homes, for the update that we’re working on for Stranger Things: The Game. Look for the update when the new season starts, on October 27.