By Alex Swaim  

When I was a kid, growing up in a suburb of Houston, I was a big Astros fan.

It was an easy thing back then, being an Astros fan in Houston. That was during the start of the Killer B’s era – with Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio leading teams into the playoffs most years – and I had high hopes every year that this would be the year they’d win the World Series.

As a kid, though, I kept insisting in playground debates that this is the year they’d win *another* World Series and of course they’d won before it was just a long time ago so you wouldn’t remember it.

I was convinced that one of the Astros teams of old had already had a title to their name. And there was solid proof (for an elementary school kid)!

  • The team had been around for a long time
  • They had, in the past, been very good
  • They were, in the present, very good
  • Champion teams are usually very good
  • The Rockets had just won titles, and were also very good, further proving this point
  • Over summer vacation I went to a family reunion in the country. They had a lot of old books there to    give away, including a copy of the Baseball Almanac that had stats, results, and tables for    professional baseball from 1900-1990. One of these charts was a per-team ranking of “years since last    title” – a chart which included the Astros. It’s not likely that the Astros would be on such a list if they    had never won a title, even if the number given matched up suspiciously with the number of years    since the franchise was founded. Why would a team who had never won be on a chart about years    since *last* title.
  • I was called to come get something for dinner before I could crack the case of just who they defeated.    I’d skimmed through a lot of World Series recaps, and was surely close to finding it.
  • After dinner and another round of card games, it was time to head home
  • I had yet to see any evidence that they had NOT won a title
  • I liked them

Needless to say I was shocked to learn that they had never even won the National League – not even once! – much less win it all.

So I’d like to thank this year’s Astros team for winning the whole thing and avenging my elementary school playground self.