By Graham Somers  

luduschampionHero Academy 2 has been out now for over a week and it’s been great to see streamers playing it, the positive reviews, and most of all getting to play the game online against people from all over the world.

I’ve been online playing a few Duels with a pretty fun Dark Elf deck that makes use of all of the Enrage Heroes I currently have. Before I go into it though, I’ll just be upfront that I’m not the best player in the world, or even the best player at BonusXP. I just play for fun. Now with that out of the way…

Enrage heroes get a damage bonus when they have taken damage. These are Heroes like Queen Serath, Seething Snipers and Ludus Champions. I don’t have all the best Enrage Heroes yet, but I’ve got some pretty good ones so I’ve thrown them together. The Dark Elves have quite a few ways of damaging their own Heroes so Enrage Heroes can work well in their decks.

Dark Bargain goes well with Enrage Heroes. It’s a Dark Elf Power that does 1 damage to a Hero and gives it +1 attack. If you use it on an Enrage Hero, then yes you also kick off that Heroes bonus damage as well. If you use it on an armored Hero, like Child of Destiny, the armor will regenerate next turn and you still get the extra damage bonus.

angerstrokeThe great fun that I find in this deck is using Spells like Anger Stroke, which I don’t have yet, and Plague which do board wide damage to all Heroes. That can often kill weak enemies, like Bow Maidens and trigger my Heroes’ Enrage. It’s win win! …when it works.

I’ve certainly lost games with my Enrage deck, but it’s fun to play. I’m going to keep adding to it as I get better cards, unless I go back to my Council Sword Deck. We’ll have to see what new cards I end up with. I hope you see you online using your favorite deck!

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