Our Mission:  Build Fun Games We Want To Play

We started BonusXP to craft fun, polished games that we love to play. It’s a simple goal, but getting there can be hard work. Good thing we love what we do!

For us, it all starts with a tight-knit team where everyone loves games and is passionate about their craft. We focus on quick iteration and immersing the whole team in design. We play test again and again until our games are impossible to put down.

We’ve worked on many different games in our careers. We’ve launched everything from huge AAA titles to short-cycle mobile games. We’ve learned the importance of team chemistry, keen attention to detail, and letting talented people be free to do what they do best.

BonusXP is our dream. We’re assembling the best people and empowering them to fulfill their passion. Stick around. It’ll be fun.

Our Studio

BonusXP is a game development studio based in Allen, Texas. Our office is located in the trendy Watters Creek complex.

Our History

Enjoy our expertly written BonusXP Founder Bios.  They will enthrall you.  Undoubtedly.

Gaze upon the collection of Games We Worked On.  One more logo and we all get free burritos!