Each member of the tribe has their own strengths, special ability, and upgrades.

The noble leader of a little band of hunter-gatherers. The Chieftain is fiercely protective of the tribe, skilled at fighting all manner of prehistoric creatures, and renowned for making delicious, finger-licking, mind-blowingly awesome Mammoth BBQ.

One of the toughest units in the game, the Chieftain starts each level on the board, ready to do battle. Often right in the middle of the fight, the Chief can take a beating and also dish out some serious damage with his Slash power which uses power crystals for an extra attack.

Power: Slash – strikes enemy for extra damage

A fearsome fighter with a mighty swing. Whether it’s smacking Sabertooths, tackling T-rexes, or defeating Dilophosaurs, the Warrior just can’t wait to go clubbing.

Power: Bonk – damage and knock away enemies

An enthusiastic and efficient farmer, the Villager collects entire rows of resources at once. Neither Desert, nor Ice, nor even the stinkiest of Mammoth Gas can keep the Villager from gathering everything in sight.

Power: Harvest – collect items and clear hazards

Wise and powerful, the Healer uses mystical energies to restore health to wounded tribe members.

Power: Restore – REALLY heal a single target

A ranged fighter with wicked aim, the Archer skewers Sabertooths and turns Pterodactyls into pin-cushions.

Power: Volley – shoot multiple arrows

Skilled in the ways of tracking and trapping prey, the Hunter outwits enemies by luring them away with an irresistible Steak on a Stake.

Power: Bait – place the Steak on a Stake to distract enemies.

A sling-wielding warrior who loves to rock out… on dinosaurs’ skulls. Nothing stops a Dino in its tracks faster than a knock on the noggin.

Power: Stun – knocks Dinos out and causes them to take more damage.