Bonus Cards help Frankie on his run through the Castle. Cards are played at the elevators between floors, allowing you to take some time to plan which one you want to use to help you on your run.

You gain some Cards for free just by progressing through the story in Monster Crew, while additional Cards can be purchased and upgraded for Coins and Monster Tokens that you collect while playing. Cards can be used once during your run, but are yours to keep once you have acquired them, so you can use them whenever you play a game. Below is a list of all of the Bonus Cards available and their upgrades.

*Please note that the values given are subject to change in future updates to the game.
Bonus CardCostUpgradeUpgrade 2
Free - 50 COINS. Money? Everybody wants some! You want some, too?100 Coins200 Coins
Free - Complete Quest 7 “Mechanical Motivation” to unlock.Running from endless Spiders got you down? JUMP HIGHER with these stylish, yet retro mechanized legs. Limited Edition, MECHA FRANK #1 of 3.+2 Jump Height
Free - Complete Quest 12 “Magnetic Personality” to unlock.Quadruple Frank’s COLLECTION RANGE utilizing this new-fangled ‘Rabbit Ear’ technology. Limited Edition, MECHA FRANK #2 of 3.6x Collection Range
Free - Complete Quest 15 “Cheatin’ Heart?” to unlock.HEAL OVER TIME with the extra juice pumping prowess of the Mechanical Ticker. Limited Edition, MECHA FRANK #3 of 32x Heal Over Time
Free - Turn COPPER INTO SILVER for all Coins on this Floor. Sure gold would have been nicer, but this is better than coal!Copper Coins to Gold Coins (Single Floor)
Free - Low on health? Feeling run down? Grab a Small Jolt o’ Monster Power for that quick Health boost. +50 HEALTH.+75 Health+125 Health
1,000 Coins - Replace SMALL CRATES WITH BIG CRATES using the experimental Crate-O-Matic 2000. Get more Loot! Improved design works almost 20% of the time!30% Small Crates to Big Crates40% Small Crates to Big Crates
2,000 Coins - ADD 50 COINS to Mr. Piggles. But… Can you survive long enough to run all the way home?+125 Coins to Mr. Piggles+250 Coins to Mr. Piggles
4,500 Coins - Great Scott! REFILL HEALTH by 5% at each Elevator.Refill 10% Health each ElevatorRefill 20% Health each Elevator
5,000 Coins - Be the Man, er, or the Monster! Keep the Spiders in line. SPIDERS SLOW DOWN BY 25%. Yes, including their projectiles!Slow Spiders by 35%Slow Spiders by 50%
6,000 Coins - Turn some GLUTTON GHOSTS INTO COOKIES. Cookies? Did someone say cookies?!? Well, you are a monster after all…10% Glutton and Envy Ghosts to Cookies10% All Ghosts to Cookies
7,000 Coins - Fires burning you up? Fireballs in the back got you down? Flameproof Undies have your valuables covered! Take NO FIRE DAMAGE for 4 Fires.No Damage for 6 FiresNo Damage for 10 Fires
10,000 Coins - Turn 10% of SKELETONS INTO PRETZELS. Those Salty Dogs taste pretty good with a side of cheese15% Skeletons to Pretzels25% Skeletons to Pretzels
11,500 Coins - Compound much? INCREASE INTEREST RATE that Mr. Piggles pays by 5%.Mr. Piggles Interest Rate +10%Mr. Piggles Interest Rate +15%
12,000 Coins - Shift into your shade with the Spectral Projector! Join the paranormal plane and take 10% LESS DAMAGE FROM GHOSTS.20% Less Ghost Damage35% Less Ghost Damage
14,000 Coins - Turn 10% of SPIDERS INTO CUPCAKES. Yummy! Cupcakes! Just don’t eat the legs15% Spiders to Cupcakes25% Spiders to Cupcakes
20,000 Coins - Magically morph 10% of FIRE SPIDERS INTO CANDY. Spicy cinnamon candy, at that. Tastes much better than burning!20% Fire Spiders to Candy30% Fire Spiders to Candy
25,000 Coins - ADD 10% TO MAX HEALTH. Stay un-dead longer with the Power of Science!+25% Max Health+50% Max Health
50,000 Coins - Get 3x SPECIAL LOOT from enemies and crates. Mom always said you were special, now you can prove it.
75,000 Coins - Outdo the great Leonardo himself… Turn COPPER COINS INTO HEALTH COINS! Well, at least 10% of the time. 20% Copper Coins to Health Coins35% Copper Coins to Health Coins
125,000 Coins - Loot Rats? Fast little buggers. So pretentious, too. Catch and STOMP LOOT RATS much more easily. Snag their shiny bling!
150,000 Coins - STOP EVERYTHING else in the world for one Floor. See the sights! Stomp away! Just keep your pants on.
175,000 Coins - MASSIVE COLLECTION RANGE for one Floor. Grab everything that isn’t bolted down (without penalty of law)
500 Monster Tokens - TAKE NO DAMAGE for an entire Floor. Get your inner super hero on with this Floor-wide buff. Cape not included.
$3.99 - Join the Frank Fan Club and get 50% off all future Frank Bonus Cards and Upgrades. Gameplay Bonus: A Full Deal or Shuffle always gives you an available Mecha Frank Card.
15-50 Monster Tokens - Gummie Packs instantly restore you to Full Health. You may use 3 Gummie Packs in any given game. Sold in quantities of 6,12, 30.
16-50 Monster Tokens - Extra Life Zaps give you a second Life at the end of the game. Quite valuable when you’re rockin’ your run. You may use 1 Extra Life Zap per game. Sold in quantities of 4,8,16.