Frankie runs into a number of enemies while trying to retrieve his Monster Crew card collection. Below are statistics for many of the creatures lurking in the castle, including damage, speed, the time in seconds that their attacks stun you for, and the level of loot that you can expect to gain from them.

Monster Information
*Please note that the values given are subject to change in future updates to the game.
Monster MugshotNameDamageSpeedStun TimeLoot LevelNotes
Brown Spider2520.31Shoots Webs
Brown Spitting Spider2500.31
Acid Spider4030.352
Acid Spitting Spider4000.352Shoots Acid
Acid Jumping Spider304.502
Fire Spider601.50.43
Spitting Fire Spider6000.43Shoots Fire
Jumping Fire Spider502.503
Monster MugshotNameDamageSpeedStun TimeLoot LevelNotes
Skeleton Bone Grunt402.50.42Hits you twice
Skeleton Slime Grunt502.50.42Hits you twice
Skeleton Ice Grunt602.50.43Hits you twice
Skeleton Bone Mage4000.41Shoots Bone Balls
Skeleton Slime Mage5000.42Shoots Slimeballs
Skeleton Ice Mage6000.43Shoots Snowballs
Skeleton Bone Captain501.50.42Hits you twice
Skeleton Slime Captain651.50.43Hits you twice
Skeleton Ice Captain801.50.43Hits you twice
Monster MugshotNameDamageSpeedStun TimeLoot LevelNotes
Ghost Glutton301.501Can't be Stomped
Ghost Envy502.2502Can't be Stomped
Ghost Raging702.2502Can't be Stomped
Monster MugshotNameDamageSpeedStun TimeLoot LevelNotes
Loot Rat00-20010Not actually a boss, but a rare enemy. Stomp him for great loot, but have to catch him
Spider Queen1001.00.58Spawns minions to help her
General Jorge McSkelly9020.58Speeds up each time you Stomp him
Glommus00-1606Catch him by running into him