Design Deploy Destroy

Development on Servo has shutdown:

Design your ideal team of giant war machines and use them to lead your far-future forces into glorious real-time battle in Servo, the next RTS from key elements of the Age of Empires creative team. The valuable but dangerous energy source known as Bloom has consumed Old Earth, and the remnants of humanity sail the stars in search of fame and fortune, or at least survival. When the way home unexpectedly reopens, though, the race is on to harvest the Bloom motherlode – and perhaps discover the next chapter in mankind’s destiny.


Designing your ideal team of giant war machines is only the first step in Servo. The parts you earn after every battle can be freely swapped on all your Servos between matches, opening up new strategies and team compositions with every game you play.

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Even the strongest Servos need support. Whether in co-op, PvP, or single-player story mode, players need to control the Bloom nodes on the map, survive the predations of violent Bloomspawn, and construct the beacons, turrets, factories, and armories to give their Servos a strong economic foundation in battle.