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Join The Incorruptibles, an unexpected clan of heroes, to fight against a mysterious entity called the Corrupted, who are intent on burning and destroying the lush and vibrant islands of the Realm.

lbp_quinnThe Incorruptibles is a true real-time strategy experience that combines real-time combat and resource management with a deep, robust hero crafting system that allows players to collect loot and resources to craft and level up their collection of heroes. The game was developed by many of the creative minds behind the Age of Empires & Halo Wars strategy games to satisfy the mobile gamers requirement for shorter gameplay sessions, without compromising expectations of actual real-time combat and strategic problem solving.


  • Take control of your heroes in real-time
  • Engage in epic, fast-paced battles
  • Unleash your hero’s devastating attacks
  • Save and expand your kingdom from the Corrupted
  • Declare war against other players worldwide
  • Unlock and collect powerful heroes to defend the Realm
  • Upgrade your hero abilities with crafting items
  • Enjoy rich and vibrant best-in-class graphics

*Requires iOS 7 or higher. Optimized to play best on iPad 3, iPhone 5, iPad Mini 2 and more recent devices.

Gameplay Trailer