Monster Crew is the first game from BonusXP. We are excited, to say the least. Monster Crew exemplifies everything we want in a BonusXP game. The game is simple to play and ridiculously fun. Monster Crew has a surprising amount of strategic depth and loot progression that will keep you coming back for “just one more game”.

Monster Crew is an endless platformer. You play Frankie, a young lad who’s lost his precious Monster Crew Cards. Embarking on odyssey to recover his beloved Cards, Frankie ventures into a creepy castle and gets mysteriously zapped into his favorite monster, Frankenstein. After that, Frankie’s off to find his Cards and solve the mystery.


  • Free to Play. Everyone should be able to play a great game, so we made it free!
  • Combat. Monster Crew is a simple, one-touch game with great platformer combat. Begin by stomping spiders and skeletons and you’ll be taking on screen-sized bosses in no time!
  • Deep Strategy. At its core, Monster Crew is an RPG with a wide-ranging skill tree that offers a nearly unlimited set of play options. Choose a different set of bonus cards for an entirely new game.
  • 25 Bonus Cards and 36 upgrades. You’ll unlock many of the powerful bonus cards as you progress through the 15 hour storyline. After you complete the story, enjoy the replayability Monster Crew offers as you continue to get new cards and upgrades.
  • 30+ Achievements.

Our focus at BonusXP is to build highly polished, crafted games that we love to play. Monster Crew has exceeded our expectations. Each time you play, you’ll get a new experience with the procedural variation of the crafted levels. Each game has surprises and plenty of challenges to keep you on your toes.

Monster Crew is now available at the App Store, on Google Play, and Amazon . We’re excited to let everyone play. Unlock your inner-Monster. You know you want to!