Being a Concept Artist

by Senior Concept Artist, Bart Tiongsen

I’m often asked why I love my job so much as a Concept Artist in the video game industry. I usually say something like, “Well I’m a professional doodler. What’s not to love?”.  After all, I’ve been practicing for this career my entire life.  In school all my notebooks had sketches in them, my clothes, my backpacks, my hats, shoes, all had my scribbles on them.  Sharpie in hand, nothing was safe.  I mostly draw digitally these days, and 100% digital for work tasks and ideas.

My wife tells me that before I started my career, we argued about whether or not digital art was legit.  Apparently I called digital artists hacks and that the digital medium was a crutch for those that couldn’t draw.  Fast forward a “few” years and boy was I wrong.  I love drawing on the computer and using digital tools to design things that have never been seen before but at the end of the day my love for drawing traditionally with a pencil on paper will never go away. I see a napkin in a restaurant and I doodle.  I see cardboard from an Amazon box and I doodle. If I see a junk mail envelope, yup you guessed it, it’s just what I do.

Below are some drawings that I found myself doing recently on some scrap paper and cardboard that I found when I cleaned out the garage.