BXP New Year's Resolutions

A look at what New Year's Resolutions some of our team members are doing in 2023

We’re wrapping up the first month of a new year, and some of our team members are still hard at work on their New Year’s resolutions.

Danielle Roller is one of our Tech Animators. She is resolved to get her black belt in karate this year! “If all goes well I should be testing for it in June of this year. Martial arts was something I always wanted to do but never got a chance to, I didn’t start until I was 28. I am now 32, It took a little longer for me because of covid and temporarily moving to another country, but coming back and being able to finally achieve that goal this year is special to me. It is also something that my husband and I do together, as that is where we met!”

Dave Pottinger, our CEO and Game Director, is getting back to building furniture in 2023. “I love building furniture, but I got a little burned-out pushing to finish a new game table before our son’s high school graduation last year. I need a little kick to get back into it.”

Yohan Sengamalay, our Marketing Director, wants 2023 to be a year of traveling, catching up with relatives, and having family adventures. “While I have lived in the US for the better part of my life, most of my family lives abroad. This year, we are hoping to get out and visit family members we have not seen since before the pandemic. We might even find time to get out for an adventure or two on the way. ”

Kristen Pottinger, our HR Director, is resolving to move in 2023. “I spent the first day back at work this year sitting for more than 5 hours straight… not good for my fused back! I’ve signed up for two virtual races (a 5k in Feb and 10k in April) so I’m ‘training’ for those by making sure to get myself out ‘wogging’ 5 days a week. Sure, I could have just gone out to walk on my own, but now that I’ve spent the money on the race, I’m more motivated. I plan to earn the medals! Ultimately, I hope to snag an in-person race at Walt Disney World in the next year (but getting registered for those is like trying to get Taylor Swift tickets!)”

Dion Hopkins, one of our Senior Effects Artists, is resolved to eat more green veggies in 2023. “Broccoli instead of fries!”

Austin Chalk, also one of our VFX Artists, is attempting to make an anime short with Unreal Engine 5 in 2023! “I’ve always wanted to explore Unreal Engine for more than just game development, and am really excited to try and bring a story I wrote to life! A little terrified of character rigging and animation, but it’ll be great learning!”

And last but not least, as a company, BonusXP is resolving to engage more with our community. Watch for more frequent updates from us throughout 2023!